Sunday, November 13, 2005

Walking the Dog

Ok, I have the leash, we are outside, but how do I get Mac to start moving?

We started moving, but now it seems that we are stopping again!.

Look at me! I'm a pro.

I'm tired, I'm reading a book, and I'm behind the wheel of a car - I think I'm ready to drive in New Jersey now.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween!

One, two, three o'clock four o'clock rock ...

Greased Lightning

So this is my Halloween costume - I'm a greaser from the 50's.
Since I wouldn't let my mommy put anything on my head or face, and I wouldn't wear any clothes that didn't seem like something I would wear everyday, this is what we came up with. I did put up a fuss when mommy tried to put this grease in my hair - but she chased me around and was pretty persistent, so I finally gave in.. I think I look pretty cool -- don't you?