Friday, June 09, 2006

Two Year Doctor's Visit

I went to see the doctor for my two year checkup. Again I decided to fight everyone every step of the way. How dare they put me on a scale or look in my ears! I know I was so intimidating they were afraid to give me a shot (eventhough mommy keeps telling me I wasn't supposed to get one.) I weigh 32 pounds and I'm 36 1/2 inches tall, so I'm still a pretty big boy according to the charts. At least I don't have to go through that check up thing again until next year.

Dancing at Great Grandma's House

This toy plays some rockin' music.

Pop goes the weasel!

Fun At Berra Park

Lets see ... what do I want to do first?

I can drum on anything mommy.

Slowly, slowly ...

Look at me - I made it through the tunnel.

Fun In The Sun

This cold water really feels good!

Having Lunch at the Zoo

Nate, can I have another french fry?

Get Me Outta Here

Did someone say that there is a train around here?

Owen's Birthday Party

Mac is ready to celebrate Owen's Birthday.

How could you ever say no to this face?

Adam having his own party in the dirt.

The partygoers include (from left to right) Holly and Nate, Mommy and me, aunt Mary Pat, Stephanie and Mason and Cheryl and Adam.

Its my party and I'll cry if I want to.


Good Morning Sunshine!

Do you really have to take my picture now? I just woke up.

Blowing Bubbles

Here I am at Clater Lake in Virginia. I am going to try to blow some bubbles. Lets see, first I dip the wand into the bubbles...

Then I blow ...

I did it - I blew some bubbles!

Home At Last!

I am finally home after my vacation. Although, I had a great time visiting my family and friends in St. Louis and Virginia, I'm glad to be able to kick back in my bean bag chair and relax.