Saturday, July 14, 2007

First Golf Outing

Here I am in Roanoke VA visiting Grandpa Frank and Grandma Donna. I just don't get this game. Wouldn't it be much easier if I just put it next to the hole and hit it in?

Hole in one! This isn't so hard.

Hanging Out With The Cousins

Gimmie some of that candy!

This isn't what it looks like. We all had an itch.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha - We are soooo silly.

Mommy's Little Helper

I am always happy to help out mommy.

Ready For Baseball Season

Are you ready to hit? What? I know its a golf ball - can't you just pretend?

Finger Painting

What do you think of my masterpiece?

What do you mean I can't give you a hug?

Three Year Update

Hello everyone,

I am now officially three years old and I am having a great summer, except for the visit to the doctor's office. I made sure that I screamed and squirmed around and much as I could. At one point mommy had to lay on top of me so that the doctor could look in my ears and my mouth. I did agree to get on the scale and get measured, however. I am 38.5 pounds and 40 inches tall. I heard the term "big boy" over and over again. Pretty soon I think I'm going to be taller than mommy!

Brithday Party Number One

Here we are at my house. Allison, Casey and I are playing with my presents. I just love parties!

My uncle Chuck is CRAZY!

Here is the Blues Clues Cake that mommy made for me. Can you believe that they lit it on fire? That made me cry, but I recovered quickly once they put the fire out.

Who needs a fork? This is much better.

Party Number Two

Here I am at Grandpa Terry's house. Maybe if I sneak up on it, no one will light this one on fire ... so far so good...

Oh no! Why did they have to go and do that again!

Party Number Three

Here we are at Grandma Sandy's house. I had a couple of friends over to eat some birthday cookies with me. Finally, no one lit anything on fire! Can't you cut a little faster mommy?

Its not so easy gettting three little guys to all look in the same direction! I think mommy was pretty lucky we were all sitting in one place. These are my buddies Adam and Nate.

Throwing Rocks

We can actually throw rocks? That is so cool! I'm going to find the best one ever.

Day at the Beach

This was my first trip to the ocean. This is a picture of me and daddy in Point Pleasant NJ. I didn't go in because it was FREEZING. But I loved the sand and played in it for hours. I also liked the boardwalk and all the arcade games. I think I'll let them take me back here again.

Casey and I are making sand soup - Yum!

Beltzville Lake

Beltzville Lake is a really nice place. Mommy, Daddy and I come here alot, because it has a little beach and we can ride the jetski here. Actually, later this same day I did get on the jetski for the first time, and I rode around a little with mommy. I cried when she wouldn't let me drive (actually I didn't like the water spashing in my face). We don't have any pictures of me on the jetski because no one believed I would get on it, so they didn't bring a camera. Parents!

Lazy Days at the Pool

Here I am with my cousin Casey. We are having a relaxing afternoon at Casey's grandparents house. Its really hot today so the pool feels good. We are having a little lunch. But no one told me I had to wait after eating to go swim again! I think you are making it up.