Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Morris Arboretum

Today mommy, daddy and I went to The Morris Arboretum in northwest Philadelphia. This place is great because it is a big park and I can run all over and hide behind the trees and plants. But mostly we are here so I can see the Garden Railway. I wonder which way it is..

Garden Railway

Here are some pictues of the Garden Railway. This year, the railway is surrounded by replicas of historic structures in the northeast , historic buidlings in Philadelphia, and different fairy tales. Here is Cinderella's castle and her pumpkin carriage. All of the stuctures are made of natural materials most of which come from the garden.

Here is Rapunzel's tower.

Here is another view of the railroad.

This a replica of the mansion which once sat on the site of the garden. Whizzing by is the Bumble Bee Tram.

This is an open bridge made of sticks.

Here is a covered bridge. I really liked the railway. I was so excited that I couldn't stop flailing my arms, jumping up and down and screaming when the trains went by. I just don't understand why the other kids don't get as excited as me.